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still not dead

Just Tumblr-ing. A whole lot

Follow me if you'd like, um, don't follow if you don't. :)

It's kind of an addiction.

in case you were curious...

The (heavily summarised) Current State of Me:

* Workworkwork^
* Readreadread
* Ocassionally make a shiny thing involving paper and glitter
* Develop a mild crush on Andrew Garfield and feel very relieved that he is in fact only a year or two younger than me. (New Spidey movie reboot? Not actually bad at all)
* Sleeeep.


Writer's Block: Superman

Are you an avid reader of comic books, or were you at a previous time in your life? Who is your favorite comic book superhero of all time?

Like I could let this question go?

'Avid' sees to be a pretty good term for my reading relationship with comics right now and perhapts to a lesser extent over the last 10(?) years or so. Now that I have job security I can afford to indulge my hobby a little more, and quite frankly I love it. :D

Favourites favourites... Hmm. Let's see. Now whilst most of you know that I adore Deadpool/Wade Wilson to a borderline unhealthy extent, his name isn't the first to pop up when someone asks me about a superhero. He can be a hero sometimes (he's saved the world and everything), he can also be an utter villain when you turn the next page, but more often than not he's a deeply flawed wiseass jerk and that's why I love him. He's not, however, the one I'd want watching my back.

Yup - the answer's in my icon. Spider-Man. Why? Because as much as I still have a huge soft spot for Supes, Bats, Cap, She-Hulk, hell - Wolverine (I could go on for a while), none of them make me care quite as much. Spidey is my hero, because Peter Parker is too. ♥

...and i'm back on the crack wagon

This is what happens when you make random flippant comments on a kinkmeme. Someone pounces on them and you end up writing for them. And then starting to enjoy it.


In unrelated news: last episode of the season of Game of Thrones on UK TV tonight! Tyrion's It's going to be awesome, naturally.

tell me tell meeee

So, should I sign up for marvel_bang?

Or more aptly, should I sign up for the Bang and literally be the only person (so far) who isn't going to write something with any Avengers in it? I mean, I don't really care that much about being in a teeny tiny minority, but I did have to very carefully scrutinize their profile to check that non-movieverse was actually allowed. No, I'm not being catty, I really wasn't sure. (I'm still not 100% convinced tbh.)

Ironic icon is ironic.


Been ill most of the day - nausea, headache, not very fun. And decidedly unusual for me because I just don't ever tend to get ill. Despite appearances to the contrary I'm freakishy healthy. I don't catch colds, diseases, never broke a bone, and of course my all time favourite doctor's compliment has been 'Wow. You scar really well.' Well gee, Doc. I'm blushing.

In unrelated news - Ryan Reynolds, I honestly love you and think you are Beardy McSexypants, but for the love of dodgy Scots accents, I really don't think you should be in the new Highlander movie. IO9 puts it best in their headline: Ryan Reynolds is the frontrunner for the Highlander remake — just let him be Deadpool, dammit!

Then again, I don't really think there should necessarily be a new Highlander movie. Eh, we'll see.

'fess up peter/wade shippers

Is there a secret Spideypool fanbase on AO3 or something that no-one told me about?

...not that I'm complaining, mind you. ♥

holy multiple fanfic readers batman!

Over 50 hits on an old small fic of a niche pairing which I only very recently put up on AO3?! And kudos left, even?


Yes - I know a lot of you reading this will have hundreds (if not more) of hits on your works, but for me this is kind've amazing and awesome. It's almost given me the courage to post something of the same pairing which I'm convinced that only three people ever read (two of them being me and my beta o' awesome) and still feel a little iffy over.

it's also provided encouragement to write and practise more, and hopefully improve my skills (such as they are). Thank you A03 and your wonderful readers. :D

...er, icon only somewhat slightly related. I just... Chris Hemsworth's smile does things to me. Gah!


Finally started posting a few fandom fics to A03. Yay? Hoping this will somehow help the creative juices.

And if you're interested, my username is the same as here.

Off to do writerly things. Like stare at a blank page for half an hour.


avengers fic recage:

Run, don't walk to go read this Bruce/everyone fic of joy, as written by the wonderfully flaily pada_something who just writes everyone here equally beautifully. Slash and minor spoilers for the movie:

four avengers bruce was kissed by, and one he actually kissed.

Enjoy. ♥

...he's adopted?

Just back from my third vieweing of Avengers in a week. I'd offer a review, but... I've just come back from my third viewing of Avengers.

wip meme:

Snagged from the very talented luscious_words

Post the first sentence (or three) from every WIP you're currently working on, even if it's very short. Then invite people to ask questions about your WIPs. With any luck, the motivation to take that WIP one step closer to completion will appear as if by magic!

putting under a cut. also? there may be a teeny bit of a running theme with these...Collapse )


fic: underneath it all (1/1)

As I really should be asleep and ready for what's going to be a long and tough day tomorrow (oops - now today), I naturally stayed up and wrote this out of the blue instead. Fail, self. Fail.

Title: underneath it all
Author: silvercobwebs
Pairing: Cable/Deadpool (Nate/Wade)
Rating: PG-13 – language, angst, musings on Transformers porn. (hey, it's angst, but it's still Deadpool)
Summary: Nate crashes Wade's pity party with limited success.
Words: ~750

It's all very simple for Wade, really. If he can't stand to look at it, why should anyone else?Collapse )


Or at least shake your hand or somethin'. :D

i smell sitcom!


Sorry, but I simply couldn't resist linking to this. ♥

randomy fandomy

I have lots of random thoughts and things I love, so I tend to express said love via bullet point form. Major internet winnage if you know everyone I'm rambling about:

* Agent Coulson has called us and we must obey! Or, Clark Gregg is made of awesome. Hah! Actually, it's both.
* Elim Garak you are still very probably my favourite Trek character ever. Yes, I'm doing it wrong, but I do have certain favourite types, and he is one. So much fun to write, too. (I realised there's like a select pick 'n mix of traits that I usually need (but not always) for a character to love them, and uh... yeah. Eep. Not sure what that says about me.)
* 'growning on me' (The Darkness) - most apt and literal song ever for Nate/Wade - y/y? I am so close to doing a fanmix. Shaddup. ♥
* New 'Game of Thrones' day! Tyrion, please continue to be awesome and bamf as ever, and I will never stop watching, okay? Good. Brienne!, please show up soon.
* Reading Pterry's 'Thud' (don't give me that look, B. No, I don't know why it took me so long), and I adore the Watch characters just insanely large amounts. Vimes, Angua, Cheery... Big Damn Heroes.
* There is Comic-Con in Wales in September! If I can scrape together some pennies for the travel, I may just go for it. It might be about 500 miles away, but that's still closer than San Diego.
* Not really fandomy - but to show the similar company I keep? We had a verrrrry slow day at work and ended up playing e-mail hangman. I told you it was slow. Bestest ever phrase was a twofer of awesome, which took me shamefully long to recognise: 'Holy hand grenade, Batman!' We are uber-geeks, yes. And mostly proud. Mostly.
* Did anyone else not get anything remotely egg-shaped for Easter?... Okay then.

teacher, mother, secret lover!

Brand new Game of Thrones and the last episode of this season of Spartacus on tv tonight?

Well that's my entire evening sorted then. ♥
Nate/Wade comment fic. Written at 2am, because Timezones lol and I was awake okay? (Mostly thanks to my stupid brain, but also very much thanks to that asshat of a taxi driver who rang my doorbell at 1 flippity A.M. only to be informed by my good rabid self he had the wrong. damn. address.)

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