May 16th, 2012

spock -- live long!

holy multiple fanfic readers batman!

Over 50 hits on an old small fic of a niche pairing which I only very recently put up on AO3?! And kudos left, even?


Yes - I know a lot of you reading this will have hundreds (if not more) of hits on your works, but for me this is kind've amazing and awesome. It's almost given me the courage to post something of the same pairing which I'm convinced that only three people ever read (two of them being me and my beta o' awesome) and still feel a little iffy over.

it's also provided encouragement to write and practise more, and hopefully improve my skills (such as they are). Thank you A03 and your wonderful readers. :D, icon only somewhat slightly related. I just... Chris Hemsworth's smile does things to me. Gah!