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and in unrelated news:

I went to see 'John Carter' last night. So glad I did! I don't know why this movie has bombed so badly at the box office, because it's just great fun, and if you're an old-fashioned pulp sci-fi fan, you definitely shouldn't miss it.

My best description? 'Spartacus' meets 'Star Wars' with a dash of Victoriana. And cowboys. Who would not watch that?!

Oh, oh! and it's a bit of a TV's 'Rome' reunion in there too. Cirran Hinds, Polly Walker and James Puresex - er, Purejoy - um, PureFOY. Yes. That's entirely what I meant to type really for sure absolutely.

had a surprising amount of heart, too. One scene in particular. You'll know if you've seen it.
Tags: films: john carter, real life stuff
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