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so, deadpool #52?

Because pada_something asked/made polite noises in my direction, and I enjoy inflicting my views on the two people who might possibly be vaguely interested in them:

You apparently manage to conceal a honkin' great big parachute in your jacket, of course. Dude, Fisk, you're a big guy, but uh, do you seriously carry that around with you all day, just in case? I mean, what if you get a sudden booty ca- okay maybe not, but wouldn't it be kinda heavy and uncomfortable to wear? Chafe right in the middle of your back when you're reclining on your Bad Guy Luxury Leather Chair (patent pending) and ruin oh wait! You know, maybe I'm a little too hung up on this whole thing. Maybe there was something else that happened in this book?

Oh yes! Bob totally stabbed Wade in the sternum (I hope he did it very hard, considering it looks like he's gone straight for the bone) with what we presume to be the anti-mutant serum of actual doom! BOB! You budding little badass, you! I expect Wade is so proud. 'I am letting you go, Mr Wilson.' : o

So, um, what now? Presumably there'll be an orderly queue for who'd like to kill our boy once and for all, but wait - Did Logan get hit with it too by his darling widdle boy Daken? (he just wants attention, really. Those young'ns and their wacky homicidal shennanigans). And we can't possibly have Wolverine die. (For long. Or unless it's part of a miniseries. Or something. (I like parentheses!)) Sooo... anti-anti-serum? Wacky plot device?

Random thoughts (no, the above was not my idea of random. That was a very structured review I'll have you know)
* Fantomex - pls to be toning down the 'Bonjour! I'm French! I must say nearly everything in French now more than ever, naturellement!' WE GET IT DUDE.
* Psylocke? Hello? Did you even get a line in this book? You were literally just background pretties.
* I think I like Logan actually really quite a lot in Uncanny X-Force/this crossover. Keep it under your hat, okay?
* Aw Wade, you remembered what guilt feels like. Were you actually trying to protect Bob in some kind of weird way?
* Bob! You are truly the sweetest not-so cowardly henchmen/pawn/minion ever! I know you're friends with Wade mostly because you're utterly terrified of him, but you still believe in him, don't you?
* Dear front blurb writers. Bob is not Wade's only friend. Okay, so he doesn't have a whole bunch, but I'd definitely count; Blind Al, Weasel (90%), NAAAAATE, Siryn (kinda) and Outlaw. And you just know Tasky has a weird soft spot for him too, so there.

I'm pretty sure I've written more words in this post than this whole issue is comprised of. Ah well, I've never been great at pithy little quips and non-rambling well stractured reviews anyways.

Besides, I'm almost certain no-one else is going to read this. Comment with 'honey badger' (don't ask) if you actually did and I will award you the entire internets. Or a shiny ficcy thing. One or the other.

Aw, damnit, I just remembered I had more thoughts on the future of this storyline, but I guess I'll have to save them for another day. Suffice it to say? Daniel Way don't you dare make him pretty or I will flip my shit y'all. See, I mean it because I wrote it gangster style.
Tags: deadpool, musings, thinky thoughts
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