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I have lots of random thoughts and things I love, so I tend to express said love via bullet point form. Major internet winnage if you know everyone I'm rambling about:

* Agent Coulson has called us and we must obey! Or, Clark Gregg is made of awesome. Hah! Actually, it's both.
* Elim Garak you are still very probably my favourite Trek character ever. Yes, I'm doing it wrong, but I do have certain favourite types, and he is one. So much fun to write, too. (I realised there's like a select pick 'n mix of traits that I usually need (but not always) for a character to love them, and uh... yeah. Eep. Not sure what that says about me.)
* 'growning on me' (The Darkness) - most apt and literal song ever for Nate/Wade - y/y? I am so close to doing a fanmix. Shaddup. ♥
* New 'Game of Thrones' day! Tyrion, please continue to be awesome and bamf as ever, and I will never stop watching, okay? Good. Brienne!, please show up soon.
* Reading Pterry's 'Thud' (don't give me that look, B. No, I don't know why it took me so long), and I adore the Watch characters just insanely large amounts. Vimes, Angua, Cheery... Big Damn Heroes.
* There is Comic-Con in Wales in September! If I can scrape together some pennies for the travel, I may just go for it. It might be about 500 miles away, but that's still closer than San Diego.
* Not really fandomy - but to show the similar company I keep? We had a verrrrry slow day at work and ended up playing e-mail hangman. I told you it was slow. Bestest ever phrase was a twofer of awesome, which took me shamefully long to recognise: 'Holy hand grenade, Batman!' We are uber-geeks, yes. And mostly proud. Mostly.
* Did anyone else not get anything remotely egg-shaped for Easter?... Okay then.
Tags: asoiaf, avengers!, deadpool, nate/wade, pratchett, random famdon collision, star trek
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