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Been ill most of the day - nausea, headache, not very fun. And decidedly unusual for me because I just don't ever tend to get ill. Despite appearances to the contrary I'm freakishy healthy. I don't catch colds, diseases, never broke a bone, and of course my all time favourite doctor's compliment has been 'Wow. You scar really well.' Well gee, Doc. I'm blushing.

In unrelated news - Ryan Reynolds, I honestly love you and think you are Beardy McSexypants, but for the love of dodgy Scots accents, I really don't think you should be in the new Highlander movie. IO9 puts it best in their headline: Ryan Reynolds is the frontrunner for the Highlander remake — just let him be Deadpool, dammit!

Then again, I don't really think there should necessarily be a new Highlander movie. Eh, we'll see.


May. 23rd, 2012 07:28 pm (UTC)
*tacklehugs you just 'cause*

*also using Bruce/Tony icon, to be even peverse...erer*

Marvel are marrying Northstar and his boyfriend? (whose name currently escapes me, the shame)
You mean Northstar and Kyle? And the proposal in Astonishing XM #50? Yup, just a bit of flail from me there too *g*.

rumours that there's either going to be a new gay super or one of the existing ones will come out
I'm not sure if you're thinking of DC, who recently announced that they're outing a major male character, or if this is something else, which would also be muchos cool. :D

And because I'm in uber geek mode, I have to share a couple of links with you:
i) Marvel have created a new hero for a hearing-impaired young fan, which is awesome on a variety of levels
ii) Smell like an Avenger! Yes, seriously. And also you simply MUST look at the 'Coming Soon' scents. I literally LOL'd. Because I love them both more than pie, but I reeeeaally don't think I'd want to smell like either of those two.

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