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Writer's Block: Superman

Are you an avid reader of comic books, or were you at a previous time in your life? Who is your favorite comic book superhero of all time?

Like I could let this question go?

'Avid' sees to be a pretty good term for my reading relationship with comics right now and perhapts to a lesser extent over the last 10(?) years or so. Now that I have job security I can afford to indulge my hobby a little more, and quite frankly I love it. :D

Favourites favourites... Hmm. Let's see. Now whilst most of you know that I adore Deadpool/Wade Wilson to a borderline unhealthy extent, his name isn't the first to pop up when someone asks me about a superhero. He can be a hero sometimes (he's saved the world and everything), he can also be an utter villain when you turn the next page, but more often than not he's a deeply flawed wiseass jerk and that's why I love him. He's not, however, the one I'd want watching my back.

Yup - the answer's in my icon. Spider-Man. Why? Because as much as I still have a huge soft spot for Supes, Bats, Cap, She-Hulk, hell - Wolverine (I could go on for a while), none of them make me care quite as much. Spidey is my hero, because Peter Parker is too. ♥


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Jun. 8th, 2012 01:09 pm (UTC)
Good answer.

Of the capes it's definitely Spidey, hands down, for similar reasons and because he was my first introduction to comics. But my favourite 'hero' isn't a superhero at all, it's Nikolai Dante from 2000AD, the Russian thief/pirate/shameless flirt of the future :)

And in a double bit of slightly related good news, I've discovered that not only is Avengers out on DVD a week before my birthday, the new Dredd movie is due for release four days before!! (plus of course, that weekend I'll hopefully be meeting you!)Happy Birthday to me! :)
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