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*le cough*

Currently enduring my first proper cold in donkey's years. Coughing, headache, constant runny nose and sneezes. It's not as glamorous as you might think.

Besides this, my creativity is out of whack. I'm all over handicrafts at present (already made over 30 Christmas/Yule cards so far!), but my writing... Not so much. I really need to get my arse in gear for my hlh_shortcuts fic. Which reminds me - not to give much away, but do any Highlander fans know of a good timeline for Amanda? Please and thank-you.
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personal news

So, our family friend with cancer died on Sunday, as I found out yesterday. I knew it would be soon. I'm sad, but I'm OK. It's still all too strange.

And just to mess about with my head some more, I found out that my temporary contract at work has now become a permanent one. Finally.

So, I'm in a fairly weird place right now. Trying to escape through creative stuff.
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Happy happies!

Happy Birthday to my awesome and lovely friend, idontlikegravy!

I probably should have done this the other way around, but if you'd like a drabble/fic, give me any prompt and I'll write something for you. :)

And, unrelated to birthdays, under the cut are the answers to the icon meme:

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*le flop*

Spent all day shifting heavy boxes of books in the new library. It's looking good, but jeez, I'm just knackered. Chocolate helps a bit.

Early night tonight, methinks.
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on working in bonny scotland

More specifically, a particularly old and historic part of Scotland associated with the famous and infamous, tends to lead to the odd interesting encounter.

When I leave work at the moment, I cross one of the quad areas of the university (i.e. a big square of grass with buildings surrounding it). There's a few very old buildings around and some trees. It's a popular spot for tourists.

Now picture the scene. It's Thursday night, and I'm nearly done with the week. Crossing the Quad I head a voice calling 'Are you any good at taking photos?'. I pause and look around. A gentleman (mid 50's, local) is talking to me. I walk over to him standing by an old building and a tree. The following conversation ensues.

Him: So are you any good?

Me: Um, sure? How can I help?

Him: Can you take a picture of me with that tree there? Get a couple of different angles, OK?

Me: OK then.

[brief instructions on how to use camera]

Me: [snap snap]

Him: [poses, gesturing at tree]

Me: [hands camera back, smiles] Well I hope they're alright.

Him: [looks, nods, pleased]

Me: [ready to go]

Him: [steps close, conspiratorial] You do know what that tree is, right?

Me: Terribly sorry, but I have no clue.

Him: Mary Queen of Scots planted that tree.

[note: she actually may have, or at least ordered it to be done. She has connections with the university]

Me: Oh, right, cool.

Him: [closer, voice low] I'm going to get her canonised you know. As a martyr. I'm away to the Vatican next week y'see.

Me: Oohhkay then. Good luck with that.

Him: Thanks!

Me: [mildly bemused, exuent stage left]

He seemed pretty harmless, but something tells me that we're not going to hear about Saint Mary Stuart too soon.

Definitely made the week a little more interesting though. :)
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tiny update

Feeling more positive today. Thanks to all for the kind and supportive words.

I'm currently distracting myself with the prospect of returning to work tomorrow, as well as making a start on my Christmas/Yule cards. I adore getting my fingers inky making cards and papercrafting, and I've made three so far already. Surprisingly cathartic. And, if I do say so myself, quite pretty.
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so, hello

Just letting you all know that yes, I'm back safely from lovely travels, and I was/will post about them, but my otherwise pleasant evening has been cut short.

I received an email from the husband of an old family friend who has breast cancer. She was told she was in remission two months ago. Wrong. They now don't think she's going to last much longer and are talking about paliative care. I don't really know what else to type.

I know I'll be OK, but she and her family won't.
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about to embark on a week's wandering

Cardiff tomorrow, then London for a few days. I can has holiday!

Hoping to go to the National Museum in Cardiff as well as the castle, and even though I spent the first twenty or so years of my life living around London, there's still oodles to see. Can't wait to get back to my beloved Natural History and British Museums though.

Cat is being attended to by a local friend/bonus house keeper-an-eye-onner. All should be good.