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it must be Christmas time...

Because I'm sipping hot sweet tea from my Santa mug and catching up on all of the exceptional stories posted to hlh_shortcuts! (I am so outclassed by you guys...eep.)

*le cough*

Currently enduring my first proper cold in donkey's years. Coughing, headache, constant runny nose and sneezes. It's not as glamorous as you might think.

Besides this, my creativity is out of whack. I'm all over handicrafts at present (already made over 30 Christmas/Yule cards so far!), but my writing... Not so much. I really need to get my arse in gear for my hlh_shortcuts fic. Which reminds me - not to give much away, but do any Highlander fans know of a good timeline for Amanda? Please and thank-you.

still here

Busy creating Christmas/Yule cards and attempting to write a birthday fic so late that it may as well be an early 2012 birthday fic.

Just FYI. :)

personal news

So, our family friend with cancer died on Sunday, as I found out yesterday. I knew it would be soon. I'm sad, but I'm OK. It's still all too strange.

And just to mess about with my head some more, I found out that my temporary contract at work has now become a permanent one. Finally.

So, I'm in a fairly weird place right now. Trying to escape through creative stuff.

Happy happies!

Happy Birthday to my awesome and lovely friend, idontlikegravy!

I probably should have done this the other way around, but if you'd like a drabble/fic, give me any prompt and I'll write something for you. :)

And, unrelated to birthdays, under the cut are the answers to the icon meme:

get yer icon memes hereCollapse )

*le flop*

Spent all day shifting heavy boxes of books in the new library. It's looking good, but jeez, I'm just knackered. Chocolate helps a bit.

Early night tonight, methinks.

on working in bonny scotland

More specifically, a particularly old and historic part of Scotland associated with the famous and infamous, tends to lead to the odd interesting encounter.

When I leave work at the moment, I cross one of the quad areas of the university (i.e. a big square of grass with buildings surrounding it). There's a few very old buildings around and some trees. It's a popular spot for tourists.

Now picture the scene. It's Thursday night, and I'm nearly done with the week. Crossing the Quad I head a voice calling 'Are you any good at taking photos?'. I pause and look around. A gentleman (mid 50's, local) is talking to me. I walk over to him standing by an old building and a tree. The following conversation ensues.

Him: So are you any good?

Me: Um, sure? How can I help?

Him: Can you take a picture of me with that tree there? Get a couple of different angles, OK?

Me: OK then.

[brief instructions on how to use camera]

Me: [snap snap]

Him: [poses, gesturing at tree]

Me: [hands camera back, smiles] Well I hope they're alright.

Him: [looks, nods, pleased]

Me: [ready to go]

Him: [steps close, conspiratorial] You do know what that tree is, right?

Me: Terribly sorry, but I have no clue.

Him: Mary Queen of Scots planted that tree.

[note: she actually may have, or at least ordered it to be done. She has connections with the university]

Me: Oh, right, cool.

Him: [closer, voice low] I'm going to get her canonised you know. As a martyr. I'm away to the Vatican next week y'see.

Me: Oohhkay then. Good luck with that.

Him: Thanks!

Me: [mildly bemused, exuent stage left]

He seemed pretty harmless, but something tells me that we're not going to hear about Saint Mary Stuart too soon.

Definitely made the week a little more interesting though. :)

tiny update

Feeling more positive today. Thanks to all for the kind and supportive words.

I'm currently distracting myself with the prospect of returning to work tomorrow, as well as making a start on my Christmas/Yule cards. I adore getting my fingers inky making cards and papercrafting, and I've made three so far already. Surprisingly cathartic. And, if I do say so myself, quite pretty.

so, hello

Just letting you all know that yes, I'm back safely from lovely travels, and I was/will post about them, but my otherwise pleasant evening has been cut short.

I received an email from the husband of an old family friend who has breast cancer. She was told she was in remission two months ago. Wrong. They now don't think she's going to last much longer and are talking about paliative care. I don't really know what else to type.

I know I'll be OK, but she and her family won't.

about to embark on a week's wandering

Cardiff tomorrow, then London for a few days. I can has holiday!

Hoping to go to the National Museum in Cardiff as well as the castle, and even though I spent the first twenty or so years of my life living around London, there's still oodles to see. Can't wait to get back to my beloved Natural History and British Museums though.

Cat is being attended to by a local friend/bonus house keeper-an-eye-onner. All should be good.

on funny tasting words

To me, some words have a kind of a taste. They have a certain feel on my tongue. Some words are just a pleasure to speak. I don't think it's that uncommon a feeling. Someone told me once that the most beautiful phrase in the English language is supposed to be 'cellar door'. Say it out loud. I'm not certain if I totally agree, but I can definitely see why some might think so.

Some words 'taste' funny to me. Even make me shudder. Some words are said to be generally distasteful to many, such as 'moist' and 'yolk'. I'm pretty neutral on those myself. I think it's probably the low 'o' noise in them that bothers people, perhaps. I haven't investigated into that properly yet. Of course, some words just bother us because they are perhaps 'corruptions' of other words, or have uncomfortable connotations.

So, I'm curious. What are your least favourite words?

Mine include:
Nom (sounds fat and blobby to me)
Dump (when used outside of writing/talking about somewhere that deals with rubbish. A 'user icons/graphic/fic dump'? Sounds like waste to me, I don't know why anyone calls them that)
Sammich (actually makes me cringe. Perhaps just pedantry, but it's sandwich. The lack of the d feels infantile)
Vajayjay (admittedly, this is less a bothersome word to read, and more a personal peeve. It's 'vagina'. Grow up, seriously.)
Nice (the verbal equivalent of a glass of water. I don't even hate the word, it's just so bland. And I'm guilty of over-using it)
Gusset (in my head it sounds greasy. IDK!)

Any more contributions?


LJ why u no update properly?!

I just want to update my sales post, damnit.

Happy happies!

A big Happy Birthday today to the lovely ithildyn!

I hope you're having a fab day. :)

studies in light

Oh hai. :)

So, I watched Highlander's Studies in Light tonight on CBS Drama (thanks for the reminder way back, idontlikegravy!), and I have Thoughts:

Shallow Thoughts:
* Definitely wins 'best episode title ever'. Simple and apt, love it.
* Ye gods, AP, you are one helluva pretty man. Bonus points for your wonderfully dorktastic bittersweet grin toward the end at the reunion/deathbed scene.
* Hello early 1990's - you are stamped all over the place. So many bad clothes, rolled-up sleeves, iffy hairstyles, I love it.
* Tessa! I heart you more each time I see you on screen.
* Damn, some scenes are so drawn-out and sloooooow, especially compared to TV's 30 second attention span now.
* Does MacLeod have a thing for former medics who are a bit of a dick or what?
* Lucky there's always a handy piles of mostly empty boxes when they do a motorcycle stunt, isn't it? Also, how the dickens did Richie and Gregor get off that little isolated pier thingie after they'd jumped?
* Aww, Richie, that little pout of confusion and hurt when no-one ate your hotdogs.
* I can't help but smile nostalgically every time I see the borderline ridiculous overuse of wind machines, smoke machines, and let's not forget the staple 90's soft rock during 'emotional' scenes. 'Quick - someone's having a breakdown! For the love of god someone turn up the Bon Jovi!'

Less Shallow Thoughts:
* Gregor - borderline hysterical laughter does not existential angst make. But you do have much potential. Pity we didn't return to the character. I wanted to find out what he did next.
* How old is Gregor supposed to be anyways? Is there an optimum period for Immortal ennui? How amused/scathing would Methos have been after hearing someone couldn't take it after a mere couple of hundred years?
* However, Gregor did bring up a question that has stuck with me - Are Immortals human? (forget Zeist!), or more philosophically, 'What is human?'
* I do so love Tessa and Duncan's relationship. I love that they have obvious chemistry without the directors and writers having to thrust it in our faces. They didn't need to have massive fights every other episode. Good grief, all things considered, they were a pretty healthy normal couple.
* I love that Tessa wasn't drawn as the type of woman who'd endlessly worry about things she couldn't change, that like MacLeod, she'd ultimately take things one day at a time. I love that she didn't fly into jealous rages every time she met a woman from MacLeod's past, that she stops, thinks, and is generally measured in her approaches to people, but also has a stubborn streak and is compassionate. She had a life before meeting MacLeod, and I think she could have worked as an independent character without him.

OK, enough of the fandom blathering, I've got new Supernatural to catch up on - finally!

a query for fellow tea lovers:

Can anyone anywhere recommend me a website (or if you're in the UK, a shop) that sells simple plain lemon tea/lemon infusion?

Loose or in bags, just not that instant stuff you get in a jar. You have no idea how stupidly difficult it's been for me to find plain lemon tea. Lemon and ginger, yes. Lemon and chamomile, lemon green tea, lemongrass, lemon and apple.... but simple plain lemon, or a lemon infusion? Nada, nothing, zip. Aargh!

Any suggestions would be much welcomed. :)

well naturally

I don't know if any other fan has come across this yet, but Peter Wingfield has made #3 in SFX's 'Greatest SF Serial Guest Stars' list. And a very flattering little summary it is of his work too!. Not to mention a lovely photo.

Oh yes, and unrelated, tonight's Doctor Who was pretty darn spiffy. :D

good and bad (i.e. the state of me)

The Good:

I aten't ded, I am however, still regularly reading my friends list, commenting when I can and wishing you all good things. Sometimes I forget that people don't know that you're reading what they have to say, that you may agree or laugh or frown, but you don't always think to write that down. So, if for any reason you think anything to the contrary - I do read. I do care.

Library renovation is nearly upon us, which will be exciting and busy and mildly terrifying. We're moving out of the main building to some of the science buildings in another street, which actually have adjustable heating and windows that open. This is truly and honestly a novelty for us.

I'm watching and very much enjoying HBO's Game of Thrones and at the same time devouring the novels, which can admittedly cross the border into Confusionville, but mostly just means that my head is firmly planted in Westeros. And if you're watching the series too, then my icons will let kou know who my favourite character is. :)

The Bad:

One of my cats has gone missing. Ten has been gone for nearly two weeks now, longer than she's ever been before, I leave food out for her, I look for her, I have people looking for her, but she's just disappeared. I can only hope she's unhurt, but my mind automatically goes to the worst options. I just wish I knew. I can't think about it too much sometimes because I become too emotional and that's not helpful in finding her. I'm just having to tell myself that she's taking time out to enjoy the sun and that she'll be back in her own time. If I'm lucky someone will respond to a poster and let me know the good or bad news.

Everyone else that I love appears to be well and safe, so really there is no other 'real' bad news to report. I'm just craptastic as sharing all this on a more regular basis, as you all well know by now. Thanks for sticking with me, even if it's simply through habit.

to the local feline residents:

I have two cats. Two.

No, long-haired ginger cat who likes to sit outside my back door and yowl and attempt to make me pet you, you are not my responsibility. Nor you, whitefur, who keeps running to the door then seeing me and scurrying back with the most obvious 'Oh crap, wrong house!' look I have ever seen. And no, not even you, slinky black cat who thinks I don't notice you strolling around my back garden, attemting to look nonchalant whilst you edge your way to the door. You are not the Fonz.

My own cats have expressed their general anti-socialness to other potential furry houseguests, and this is not a feline doss house. You're cute, but go home.

With reluctant love,


so... (rl and fandom)

Still aten't ded.

I've had my cousin up from London for the last few days, which has been just lovely. We're both at a similar enough age now that we can share a bottle of wine and talk about Stuff. I still mentally refer to her as 'my little cousin', but she's nearly 24 now, so that's probably a tad innaccurate.


Apparantly having a bit of time off work means my brain's been in holiday and fandomy mode, because thanks to having a bit of a Xena marathon and still having my brain on Highlander, I kinda really want fic. More specifically Amanda/Autolocus. Because, seriouly? The Amazing Amanda and the King of Thieves? Gotta be awesome. Now am I going to have to write the damn cracky goodness or has someone got there before me? (*prays for the latter*) ;D

Now - time for some food.

easy game - guess the show

So I've been rewatching some of my favourite TV. Let's see if you can guess what it is:

* Two canonically co-dependent soulmates (who are totally not gay, oh no, no siree) wander the country together kicking bad things' asses.
* They tend to die. A lot.
* The later seasons of the show feature a angel-focused - heaven vs hell storyline where pretty much all the angels are dicks. Especially Michael. Oh, and of course Lucifer has a heavy vested interest in one of the protagonists.
* One character is quite spiritual and open-minded whereas the other is much more of a cynic.
* All their good friends tend to die, and when it comes to family, there are some... interesting daddy issues.
* They have a major rift in their relationship at one point, one nearly killing the other.
* Despite all this, the show is very cracky and self-referential. We even have episodes where we visit a fan convention, and now who can forget seeing our heroes brought from the show into 'our' reality, learning that they actually have their own series?!

well what else could it be?Collapse )

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